Here at Clean As A Whistle we work closely with clients who have been suffering from bad mental health, and whose homes have been affected because of this. This may be a build up of mess and clutter, to extreme dirt and inhabitable conditions.

We are super friendly and understanding, we have experience with many types of mental health and we really enjoy helping people and transforming their properties. For our clients peace of mind, we are fully trained in extreme cleaning, we actually have our own training academy to teach others!

One of the biggest issues we face with this type of clean is our clients are afraid to take the leap and ask for help, we want to assure you that we take a non judgemental approach, and our absolute priority throughout the cleaning process is to restore your home and make sure you have a safe place to live.

We take mental health very seriously, and are proud to be a trusted partner with mental health charities and hospitals across the North East, who refer us to their patients, so you’re in safe hands here!

Reach out today to contact us for a free no obligation quote on getting some help in your home.