Trauma / Death Cleaning

Although this is a situation we hope you never find yourself in, sadly this is a service which is needed for so many.

We specialise in trauma cleaning this may be following a suicide or a suicide attempt, a bad accident, or an attack or incident. We are specially trained to deal with these incidents and to remove the bodily fluids, eg blood from a property.

We also work in homes that a body has been found in, and work incredibly hard to restore these homes and remove the signs of trauma. Sometimes, people have what we call a “lonely” or “unattended” death. This means, that someone has passed away and been undiscovered for a length of time.

We work with flies, maggots, and/or other insects, and we specialise in odour removal.

We offer a very personalised service for trauma cleaning, which is appreciated by customers or next of kin of people who have passed away, if there are personal items which need retrieved from a property because the occupier is deceased or hospitalised we can assist with this, alongside helpful things such as renewing bedding or furniture, removing bio hazardous waste. We tailor this to your needs at the time.